Blood Tests Prove Matthew Is Being Overmedicated

Well, this episode surely should set some souls souring! 

How many of you do you think will predict that NSW Health and Dr. Schelle will try and con their way out of this complete royal fuck-up?

That’s right, all of you. It’s to be expected these days from a corrupt and morally bankrupt government and health system. Wouldn’t expect anything less! The sole reason we came on board to help Matthew in his fight for survival and freedom.

Matthew had been administered Epilam from his days at Macquarie Hospital as not only now was he diagnosed with schizophrenia but also now he is a manic depressant and bi-polar and thus needing mood stabilisers as his mood “goes up and down like a yo yo”. Please note its important to remember here folks that this entire time all of his private treating team being multiple psychiatrists, psychologists and general practitioners kept Matthew sane and calm reassuring him he does not have psycho-effective disorder rather a far more placid disorder or illness if you will of having a too big of a heart and inferring love and other human emotions differently than the rest of the world.

Sucks to be him, right? 

So from a maximum dosage of 3000mg administered to him at Figtree discharge ward at Macquarie Hospital under the great (heh) care of one Dr. Carlos, he  continued to throw up on a daily occurrence which is new for Matthew.. see he only ever before then threw up literally once a year and that was off bad food. So, you’d think something was up right, surely these doctors knew what they were doing and could be trusted with Matthew’s life and care?

So now he is out of hospital on a community treatment order and still being told to take 2000mg of Epilam. Well folks, we have a surprise and admission for you from Matthew…

.. he only ever took 1000mg of Epilam, knowing in his brain and right mind he was being administered and told to take too much from hours of research into the side effects, the official medical use and what it treats, he knew something was wrong.

According to the TGA, Epilam is prescribed to treat epilepsy, which Matthew has never suffered from. It’s also a treatment and rarely used for this for mania and irritability and chronic mood swings, something Matthew has never had when left the fuck alone to do his own thing! .. oh but supposedly the public health doctors know him best and he has the biggest and most severe of mood swings imaginable. I exaggerate but lets not get ahead of ourselves now folks, Matthew was prescribed for months a 3000mg / day dosage which if you just do a google search will see it’s beyond the recommend dosage and all trial case studies done on the drug have a dosage of patients between 500-2000mg.. so when I say Matthew had the most epic mood swings in the world, I don’t lie – otherwise, why would of he been prescribed a dosage literally off the charts. Unless, he was in fact being illegally over medicated by Dr. Carlos and Dr. Schelle and they were punishing him and making him suffer and watching his brain slowly eat itself inside out.

Now is probably a good time to reference the legislation so we are all aware that over medicating a patient is a crime and serious offence both under hte NSW Mental Health Act 2007 and also medical negligence under the Civil Liberties Act 2002 in which there is a breach of duty of care by the treating doctors. We coudl even quite easily help Matthew with our strong international legal team draw up a case where we could put forward to the courts that all of his public health doctors and treating team over the years were in fact trying to kill him, as it’s a acknowledged side effect of these medications (death) and over medicating would only induce that furthermore so perhaps these doctors will wake up and smell the fucking roses when an attempted murder charge comes knocking on their doorstep?

Now, I said we have proof so where the fuck is it? Well, hold your horses.. we always save the best till last!

Remember, this blood test was done after Matthew was only taking a much lower than prescribed 1000mg of Epilam  a day, and the sodium valporate levels as you can see below are literally and shockingly off the charts. Imagine if he was taking the 2000mg the doctors in NSW Health wanted him to?! Or better yet imagine if he was still taking the 3000mg a day that he was for month sat Figtree unit at Macquarie Hospital, under the great care of his vertically challenged mate Dr. Carlos?? 

What a fucking joke this system is, punishing a patient that is trying to get on with their life and make good from their past and instead of rounding up and supporting him and his new journey they literally put him down into a ditch and watch him slowly dig himself his own grave as his brain rapidly deteriorates at an exponential rate where soon he’ll be that caught up in a confused and altered state of mind he will forget where or what the fuck he was doing.


Matthew’s brain is not like yours or mine, remember?! Silly fools, he continues to strive and proper in new challenging spiritual journeys and insights whilst you all sit back and play with yourselves under the dinner table because your wife won’t dare touch you she is that sickened by your ways of life and if she had things her way you’d be sucking the proverbial dick every minute. (yes, Carlos that was aimed at you. What? You’re going to drive your new Audi over to our HQ and section us for erratic driving now are you? Comon mate, we all know kilowatts do not make up for lost centimetres. There is still time to make good, but ultimately and sadly for you, you need to pay the price for being the exact thing a doctor should be and learn how to look after, care and treat your patients as sick, needy human beings and not as some twisted target for you to leech onto and take out your own personal issues and grievances out onto. Get a punching bag, better yet, admit yourself into hospital and get your first ever mental health check up.. we guarantee the results will amaze you.