CTO Revoke Hearing Denied

Matthew was quite down at this point in his life, having bet on his private legal team and barrister at the hearing to be successful in our legal avenue of seeking “least restrictive care” by the means of going into full time private health care and treatment and custody I suppose you would call it. Why would an over-run and under-resourced department such as NSW Health whom openly admit they wish they had more staff and resources to “go around” deny a patient their right and request to be transferred into private health care? 

It takes one more patient off their over-crowed “books” and allows them to be more available to the ever needy and sick patients that are in the system already and under their care. 

It does not make logical or medical sense. Or legal mind you, clearly breaking the law and the exact confides that the NSW Mental Health Act is written upon, I quote again, Matthew had a “least restrictive” alternative and documented means of care that could cater for his acute needs and they were willing to take him on board and treat him. The tribunal legally had no choice but to grant  him the private health transfer as it is and was then deemed a “least restrictive” means of care and treatment and that is what predominately drives their orders half the time is finding the most comfortable, suitable and appropriate avenue for treatment for patients. Now both public and private are qualified and experienced, so we cannot say it was a matter of credentials. Both have resources at their disposal, acknowledged by both parties at the hearing that private health depending how deep you wallet goes (and Matthew’s fathers’ supposedly goes rather deep) has far more resources and avenues for care and therapy. So what then legally stopped or made the tribunal rule in NSW Health’s favour and grant another 6 month order and subject Matthew to another 6 months of hell on sedative and brain fucking anti-psychotics that literally can kill you?

We to this day do not know, nor does Matthew or his legal guardian, being his father. This is many of the reasons this website was created, to get the answers Matthew deserves to know and was not and has not been told to this day! 

So Matthew went ahead and approached the NSW Mental Health Review Tribunal in seeking another CTO Revoke hearing based on the evidence we list below:

  • Hills Clinic Private which Matthew attended for only a week until he could not handle it anymore was promoted at the hearing by Alex Roa as “great conciliating, heaps of resources at the clinic and like minded people”.
    • In reality, the clinic the entire time Matthew was there he saw only one (1) registered psychiatrist even though their website states they have over TWENTY working for them (hah!) and the group sessions must of been targeted at an age group range of 10-17 , given there was an under 18’s section of the hospital we tend to believe Matthew on this one. Therefore, Matthew and his intellect and thriving brain did not fit in what so ever at the clinic and the tribunal was mislead it would be up to the par of the Northside St. Leoanrds impatient program and cohort that Matthew ever so desperately wanted to go to at the time and had been accepted by the manager there but unfortunately they do not accept patients that are on a NSW Health Order, so Matthew once again was left at a dead end with no hope in sight.
  • At the tribunal before this application was made Matthew and the tribunal were led to believe Hills Clinic Private had registered councillors and psychologists, similar to that of Northside St. Leoanrds where Matthew could finally get the trauma, relationship, sexually assault, sex addiction and other facets that lurk in his brain seen to on a regular, periodic level during his stay at the hospital. This is what was being offered to his by Northside St . Leoanrds that he wanted to go to but could not whilst he was on the order, hence wanting the orders to cease so he could go into private treatment.
    • In reality, Alex Roa from NSW Health mislead Matthew, his father and the NSW Mental Health Review Tribunal once again as Matthew during his stay at the Hills Clinic Private did not see ONE Psychologist or counsellor and upon asking if they offered a service the nurse said “I don’t know, never heard of it before”. It seemed dumded down,  large class, and non-cognitive or intellectual stimulating group sessions was all Hills Clinic really offered their inpatients during admission. Oh, and allowing them to chain smoke literally the rest of the time (Matthew has good footage of this, also of the minors at the hospital under their eye and care being allowed to chain smoke in the designated are. What a paradox, a NSW Health referred private impatient hospital allowing their unaccompanied minors under 18 to chain smoke on their premises. Not only is it deemed illegal in NSW but it just sounds bloody stupid, right?!

As you can see below, Rodney from the NSW Mental Health Review Tribunal on behalf of the president himself refused Matthew’s Human Right to a fair and just hearing (a clause mentioned in the United Nation’s Declaration Of Human Rights that Australia is a co-signing country of) and rejected his application based on non-compliance with the clauses with an arrow to them.

Finally, an excerpt from the NSW Mental Health Act itself and an arrow to the clause Rodney had aforementioned but some context on the clause the act shines light that given the above reasoning we just explained, plus there is a lot more evidence at play here regarding the Hills Clinic and how they are far from a “professional” and “rehabiliatory” entity, surely Matthew was in his right for an appeal given the tribunal panel members at the previous hearing were fed a load of absolute bullshit to the panel members and mislead into believing it was something that it was not? 

Certainly the clause stating “on any question of law or fact arising from the order or its making” – surely the simple fact that the panel members were mislead into believing there was an avenue for adequate and appropriate impatient treatment under the public health system and order when in fact, Matthew proved and has the evidence at hand to coincide with such allegations, that the Hills Clinic Private was, is and will be nothing like the level of care and treatment offered and at hand under the private sector being facilities such as Northside St. Leonards.