Despite being drug raped, Matthew defies critics with High Distinctions.

Well despite a hard and tiresome battle to get his medication changed, Matthew finally convinced and got Dr. Schelle his treating psychiatrist at the Royal North Shore Community Health Centre in Sydney on board to change his anti-psychotic injection (because remember folks Matthew is acutely psycho-affective aka having both Schizophrenia AND bi-polar mental illnesses..) to Olanzapine which is less sedative and has far fewer adverse side effects from the death resulting anti-psychotic injection he was forced and subjected to endure for the best part of 15 months of his life.

Matthew continues to strive along and enjoy the company of his fellow classmates doing his Masters in Business in Entrepreneurship (MBAe) at one of Australia’s leading Univeristies. He has been looking forward for over a decade now after completing his Bachelor’s in Business at the same University to do his Masters degree, but alas busines committments took the priority and demand of his time and desired lifestyle.

He admits he puts in very little effort into the course, most of the content learnt he has already developed from his business career and dealings over the course of his life. However, we find it rather curious and perplexing how someone that NSW Health and the NSW Government label as one of the most severe and “crazy” people known in Australia’s society can be pulling High Distinctions out of his arse, doing assignments in a rush and always last minute.

Maybe the University sector needs an overhaul and the level and intensity of the challenge, especially as it is a post-graduate degree needs to be tightened up and put up a scale.

.. or maybe, just maybe Matthew is a bit more “normal” than NSW Health and his public health treating team make out.

We will leave it up to you to make your own judgement and decision on the matter at hand, we are not here to persuade nor covince, our motive with this website platform is purely to inform.