Dr. Leech Review

Dr. Leech was one of the two psychiatrists assigned to Matthew in the AOT (Assertive Outreach Team) apart of the Community Health Centre team inside the NSW Health Lower North Shore District region. Matthew has not literally heard or seen her since this meeting, perhaps she got reprimanded for illegally and wrongfully sectioning Matthew that time he came to get his regular injection, instead he was greeted with 4 security guards and Dr. Leech quickly saying you need to be assessed.. Matthew sighing and groaning at the gross misuse and overuse of power by bringing all 4 security guards on duty at the entire Royal North Shore Hospital (he had gotten to know them, and their shift counts and times) when they would be much rather needed where they are usually stationed, being Emergency and associated departments (PEC, Resuscitation etc.) How within 5 seconds of seeing Matthew did Dr. Leech know Matthew was so unwell and mentally unfit he needed to go into impatient at least overnight? She had not even muttered a word to him.. upon later questioning her assessment Matthew got a reply of “sometimes it only takes a minute to know if someone is psychotic or not Matthew”. Once again, a load of fucking bullshit if you ask me. 

The meeting goes rather smoothly and nothing gets too heated in this one, but this is the first Matthew had to resort to recording the interview himself as he had been denied time after time of their transcripts that are taken both in writing and verbally these were requested, a breach of the NSW Mental Health Act given the patient is at any point in time allowed to request his files, notes, reports, transcripts, discharge summaries, you name it.. if it has their name on it – the patient is in their own right and up to their own accord able to request copies of these for whatever purpose(s) they deem fit.