Federal Department Of Health

Matthew,  now with just about no hope left (can you blame him? he has now 3 different anti-psychotic injections in his brain and blood twisting him sideways every minute of the day) attempts to settle this punishment and hate crimes towards him once and for all. He decided to take the complaints to the extremities and something he wished he did not have to do and raise it to the knowledge of the Australian Federal Department of Health.

After all, it is this exact department that manages the fiscal and budgetary control and allocation of NSW Health (and all states and territories) so why would they not want to know about money being misappropriately spent and allocated to resources and teams that do absolutely fucking jackshit for the state’s health care system.

Furthermore, would they not want to be made aware of NSW Heath charging their victims, sorry, patients (lolz) rent inside their own governed facilities and then most alarming, when it goes unpaid they do not refer the matter to the state debt recovery office, headquarters located in the beautiful of Maitland, NSW? Why charge someone for something if you public-ally declare that you do not follow up on the payment if it goes unpaid. Ludicrous.. anyway, more on that on our Macqaurie Hospital charging Matthew rent episode.

So from the video and audio recording that you can listen to below, Matthew is greeted by a gentleman that sadly only knows the word “yeah” in the English dictionary and what’s more eye opening is that not only did he not take Matthew’s complaint seriously (or more to the point, had not had appropriate training on how to deal with such complaints or enquiries) but he did not refer Matthew to a manager, or someone in authority or whose Job description suited that of Matthew’s enquiry. Matthew even guided him of the type of person he needed to speak to “someone who over looks NSW Health” but got no reaction or response deemed note worthy from the switch board operator. 

Now, it’s important to note Matthew had already explored and exploited all possible avenues before raising the issue with the Federal Department of Health, including but not limited to the following:

  • His Community Health Team Case Manager. (Phone, SMS & Email Complaint)
  • The Assertive Outreach Team Switchboard (Phone Complaint).
  • The NSW Mental Health Review Tribunal (Email, Phone Complaint).
  • The Health Care Complaints Commission (Email Complaint)
  • Official Visitors NSW (Phone & Email Complaint).
  • Royal Australian College of General Practitioners – FRACGP (Email Complaint)


From the exhausting list you can start to gather why Matthew is getting a bit sick and tired of this bullshit and not be allowed into the full time care and custody of the private health care system. Personally, we do not know why he did not contact us sooner having our details from a previous project we worked on together years ago lets just say we are glad we are able to help out now!

So Matthew sends the Federal Department Of Health an email, under the direction of the switch board operator. Matthew can confirm it has hit their inbound mail servers by doing a simple trace-route and did not bounce or come into contact with any firewalls. Needless to say, someone at the department has read it! 

22 days later, and he has still yet to receive a response or phone call regarding the mater! 

For. Fucks. Sake.