Health Care Complaints Commission

Put simply, the Health Care Complaints Commission are royally fucked and need an immediate serious & thorough internal audit of their handling processes and employee training.

They need to be renamed to simple “Health Care” because by definition they are not at all handling or dealing with “Complaints” adequately and according to legalisation. Furthermore they are far from a “Commission” because it seems the powers of authority and being able to act swiftly upon receiving complaints is not being acted upon. They are a government agency held to be made accountable for the dealings of complaints received, so it’s about time that occurs.

Now we won’t go into the technicalities or fine print on why Matthew was indeed sectioned again upon presenting himself to Macquarie Hospital to say hi to a nurse there and from what he regards to as a friend, that is better explained and dealt with in other episodes such as Federal Department Of Health.

What is really black & white here is a serious breach and lack of due diligence by the sectioning doctor at Macquarie Hospital. Matthew presented himself there at 12:15pm his dashcam footage confirms, and he was not sectioned by police at his residence until 6:05pm later that evening. A whole 6 hour window had passed where Matthew had absolutely no idea what was going on and who was colluding against him at Macquarie Hospital as they work up an attack plan to later see him put back in hospital for a number of days. 

What could of happened in that 6 hour window?

A whole realm of perhaps deadly and unwarranted scenario’s unravel in our minds.

It is a real shame that doctors and treating staff do not know at all their legal obligations set upon them under various legislative frameworks and in fact that if they deem a person medically and mentally unwell or unfit they have a duty of care to right then and there to section them and what should of happened to Matthew was he should of been detained in Henley ward, being told what was happening and they believe he is having a manic episode and also some bullshit spun by one of the staff that he was driving erratically (goes against his near perfect driving record) and that campus security were being called to detain him and that both police and paramedics have been called to transport him to the nearest hospital, being Concord.

t is an absolute joke that Matthew was left unattended to for an entire 6 hours without the appropriate care he deserved and was warranted, if in fact he was mentally ill and having a break down. What kind of world are we living in when we leave the vulnerable and sick people left hopeless to dig their own grave?

Would the sectioning doctor be accepting to take a manslaughter charge if Matthew in fact had killed himself in that 6 hour window?

Or what about if he killed someone else whilst driving, and not in his right mind supposedly? 

Consequences and legal power needs to be executed against these people who failed Matthew and society in performing their medical due diligence and duties. Matthew had attempted to initiate this by contacting the Health Care Complaints Commission for the first time as he saw it as a serious breach and misuse of power and was later slammed down by them in reply , as you can read they totally missed the point on Matthew’s complaint and have not taken the appropriate legal action they are empowered with in reprimanding the sectioning doctor and in fact entire group that was apart of Matthew’s sectioning as they all had played a role and should of done something to get Matthew seen to sooner if they believe he was unwell. 

Fun Fact: All the sectioning police officers as well as paramedics advised Matthew they would be putting in their notes that they were under the impression and from observation did not believe a section was warranted and that Matthew presented quite well and in tact at his residence. If you are reading this and have the level clearance to pull such notes from their databases we urge you to do so and see for yourself the level and brute corruption that is taking place right under your very own eyes.