Leading private legal team fails to set Matthew free

When a leading Sydney legal firm and associated barrister fails to set Matthew free, so he can transition into the private health sector exclusively and have his treating psychiatrist there treat his conditions and administer his medication then you know something is well and truly fucked up in the system.

In this episode we dive deeply into the corruption that is entangled int eh NSW Health department, the NSW Mental Health Review tribunal, supposedly an independent body to NSW Health (see attachment below), as well as the extremities NSW Health and the treating team go to in this tribunal hearing recording to ensure Matthew stays under their exclusive care. Oh, and we use the term ‘care’ very loosely! 

PS: Someone in the department needs to teach them how to make a logo transparent, it looks fucking terrible in their official ‘letterhead’.

This episode and exposure of the sheer extent of the corruption within the system is something most of you will most likely find quite alarming and shocking. The constant victimisation from qualified professionals, held in an office of power & trust by the government and its citizens is something that needs to be rectified immediately and a complete state and nationwide audit into the bullying and brutality from inside its very own doors needs to be undertaken to sift out the ‘bad eggs’ in the bunch.

Sit back and enjoy the ride as we present to you another feature video, with factual and relevant slides to suit and an emotional and uplifting narration. 

Please, before you start go and grab yourself and a coffee or have a cone, do whatever you need to do so that you can withstand this hearing, as it goes for an hour and I don’t know about yourself, but my attention span is only about 10 minutes these days!