A hospital charging patients rent, what kind of world are we living in? 

What happened to the days of free public health care, or are we living in America? 

It seems Macquarie Hospital, under the orders of NSW Health are charging their patients rent these days, oh and also for food they did not eat. 

This invoice was received by Matthew in an envelope by a nurse with no explanation what so ever into it’s contents or validity. 

It was only when hospital staff were questioned by Matthew’s father, “what happens if we do not pay it, does it get referred to the state debt recovery office (SDRO) or a third party debt collection agency?” to which the social worker at Figree discharge ward at Macquarie Hospital replied “no, we do not chase  if you do not pay.”.

What a bloody joke.

If you are going to invoice someone for by definition goods and/or services received at least have the backbone to chase the debt. Given it’s a government debt mind you I also question the legality behind it if you actually do not chase it, besides it’s a government owing debt and the tax payer would surely like to know why it has gone unpaid!

Furthermore, Matthew was on no disability support at the time of the invoice, so given he was in hospital care full time with no employment how do you expect him to pay for such dues? Looking into it, if he was on the highest allocated disability in NSW which is the disability support pension giving you approximately $1050 per fortnight, he still would not have enough money to pay for this invoice and that is presuming he puts the entire pension to pay for this invoice.

How dare we, as a first world nation and supposedly prospering charge patients who are forcefully put into hospital treatment and care rent when they don’t even fucking want to be there to begin with! 

Matthew lost his thriving business due to being put time and time again into hospital ‘care’ and not being able to work. To think we treat him with the discourtesy of charging him to be in the exact place that has ruined his life is sickening.

PS: The invoice will never be paid.