Matthew continues his studies, despite being drug raped

Matthew loves learning new things, whether it’s tertiary education, cognitive and even spiritual – it all has a place in his brain. Upon finishing school he went along to do two advanced diploma’s and then a bachelor’s of business at UTS. Unfortunately work got the better of his from then on in and he was tied up running his business whcih prospered, albeit he really just wanted to take a break and complete his Masters of Business which was always the plan and end goal.

Now, having to wrap up his business due to always being in hospital and really a good timing to start a new chapter in life he applied to do his Masters in Business at UTS and was luckily accepted into the new and somewhat deemed exclusive Masters of Business in Entrepreneurship. 

The reason for this episode is not one based on ego, more so intellectual capacity. The thing is, how can someone so extremely schizophrenic and of course throw in the bi-polar into the mix as well and multiple other diagnosed conditions from the NSW Health team be able to continue on with their studies and more so, do a masters degree? All this done with a mixture of the most heavily sedating and brain fucking anti-psychotics known to human kind. Oh, and even though submitted late and done literally at the last hour, he has managed to pull distinctions out of his arse. I wonder , if allowed to be by himself and treated privately what marks and education he can gain from the experience?