Matthew’s GP Wants A Second Opinion

Matthew attended his local medical centre since 2002, it was local to where he grew up and not far from his current residence. Reecords show that he is a physical fit and active individual his entire life and apart from suffering mouth ulcers quite regulary, put down as due to stress he is a rather healthy male.. 

A tad over a year ago he started seeing a new doctor, whom shall remain nameless (feel free to contact us with your request to help and depending on circumstances may lift her details for you). On Matthew’s first visit this doctor gave Matthew a USB stick which contained a whole realm of PDF’s and video’s on topics such as bullying, resilience, anxiety and other problems and issues Matthew has or had been facing in his recent years or past. Matthew did manage the time to look at some, but to this day remembers the moment clearly as a sign of hope and there are medical practitioners  out there that want to help.

Matthew consulted with his doctor on a fortnightly basis or so, to discuss his current state of affairs and to also get scripts to obtain voluntary blood screenings to ensure his levels were at a sufficient standard and his medication prescribed by his public treating team were not throwing them off. Please note in the 17 months or so he has been out of hospital on a community treatment order (CTO) the entire time,  he has only ever had 2 (two) blood tests done or requested by the public treating team. A disgrace, medical negligence and just laziness conducted here considering the manufacturer of Epilam, the mood stabiliser given to him for questionable reasons or motives states on the manufacturer’s guidelines to monitor blood levels and specifically valportate levels regularly, especially when being administered a high dosage.

As you can see from the below document, obtained only a month ago, Matthew’s doctor or general practictioner who is highly qualified and experienced as well as probably most importantly has seen Matthew face to face regularly and consistently throughout the last yea, certainly literally 20 times more than any public health medical practitioner has welcomed the notion of  Matthew wanting a second opinion into his medication and treatment that he is currently receiving under NSW Health.