Matthew’s Latest Negative Drug Test

Enclosed, is a result of Matthew’s most recent voluntary and supervising urine drug screening tests. 

As you can see it all came back negative except for diazepam which he had actually managed to cold turkey quit (valium tablets), however the traces stay in your system for up to a month after his doctor had noted. This was 3 weeks since he had stopped taking them and is still abstinent from them so we look forward to his next results  showing a negative result.

Now talk to any ice addict, and staying clean for 4 days is next to unheard of, which is what you need to turn a negative drug screening at bare minimum. Yet he is still prescribed the maximum dosage anti-psychotic medication which has severe negative side effects and hinders his progression in his life by acute sedation, leading to further depression.

And here is Matthew’s results for his recent Covid-19 test. Thank god he cleared that one, just! 😉