Official Visitor Request Denied

Matthew has reported that seven (yes 7!) times in his 3 years of NSW Health admissions he has requested to see a official visitor either via a nurse, doctor or used their hotline on  telephone and not once did they come to see him!

It was only a year or so ago on his release from Macquarie Hospital he got a hold of one of them and not a voicemail! IT was Karyn, the head official visitor, thank fuck. She had a lengthy conversation with Matthew he recalls it was for almost the entire way home from the Blue Mountains as he was up there for his Grandmothers funeral. His father was driving and overheard it all which essentially was Karyn reiterating Matthew’s own beliefs that the system is royally fucked and needing an overhaul and that she believe Matthew had been mistreated and victimised by the treating doctors and she had been following my case.

Karyn then gave Matthew their email address and ensured they were CC:d on any correspondence he had with the hospital for verification and accountability purposes. Matthew seemed to get faster results and answers this way but still, to no avail was he successful in a release or discharge into the sole exclusive care and custody of the capable and qualified private health care system. 

Below is a excerpt from the NSW Mental Health Act showing it is breaking the law denying or not initiating a patients request to see an official visitor – they don’t need to tell you the reason, you just need to do you fucking job and get one to see the patient, pronto.