Private Psychologist Believes In Matthew

Matthew approximately 6 weeks ago, took upon himself to seek further private treatment in regards to a psychologist. He had previously been seeing  a “life coach” for a ridiculous amount of money, as  he later found out quite abruptly this life coach of his was secretly sharing Matthew’s private Skype session dialog and video screen capture with a wealth of people Matthew would prefer not to associate with (yes mate, just because you turn your microphone off does not mean he cannot still hear you.. there are ways around everything these days , remember?) Oh, and this life coach had zero tertiary qualification and education. Matthew’s new psychologist on the other hand is highly qualified having completed a Masters in Psychology and has a long lasting experience with dealing with people similar to Matthew with childhood trauma, anxiety, life stress, relationships both partner wise and family and so forth.

It’s important to note here that Matthew would not of had to seek private psychological assistance if his public NSW Health care psychologist (well, we hope she is a qualified psychologist, Matthew has a strong feeling she is not actually qualified however) would not cancel both of Matthew’s appointments with her only 24 hours prior to the appointments as well by automated SMS with no reasoning what so ever. When Matthew ran into Kylie, his public NSW Health Psychologist he quickly pulled her up on their appointment due for the following week and as she seemed busy he just uttered “I’ll see you there!” in a positive and friendly manner. Kylie quickly stumbled a sentence together somewhere along the likes of “Oh Matthew I’m going on leave again so I won’t be able to make it”. Anyway, this is all after a specific tribunal hearing that had a CTO granted once again because as they put it and you can review on the Media Library page ” there seems to be sufficient resources in the public health care sector Matthew to attend to your needs”. After that was muttered Matthew can be heard quickly stating “they are a bunch of liars they cannot deal with my trauma and life issues right now I need to be seeing psych’s weekly (as he is privately twice a week at the moment) and need to see a psychologist weekly (as he currently is, privately). Matthew in the last 18 months has seen a NSW Health psychologist zero times, albeit after making multiple requests for an appointment both logged on phone and email. 

Ridiculous and ludicrous isn’t it?

Here is Matthew in the most acute of groups under the Community Health Centre for the Lower North Shore District and they cannot even bloody arrange for one of their psychologists to see him! 

Once again, he is left to do things on his own accord and seem private treatment and therapy otherwise who knows what could of might of happened to him in such a fragile mental and emotional and self esteem state. (lets remember he  has zero happiness because all of his dopamine is being blocked hardcore by these criminally fucked up anti-psychotics). 

We ask you to answer a very simple question given the above.

How long do you think you’d live or manage if you were in Matthew’s shoes? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? He is approaching the 4th year of his post-awakening or as NSW Health call it “since his first psychosis warranting harsh brain drug raping chemicals”.

Please review Matthew’s report from his private psychologist and take extra care on the last two paragraphs.

If you have not yet be sure to also read his very recent report from his regular General Practitioner.